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LifeSource Vitamins  Is A Company That Answers
to God In All We Do; From The Nutrients We Choose
to The Way We Do Business!
Get Healthy With Scientifically Advanced Nutrition
LifeSource Vitamins is a company dedicated to making a difference in your family’s long-term health by providing pure, balanced, quality nutritional supplements. Doing everything today for tomorrow’s health and being diligent to God will always be our focus at LifeSource.

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LifeSource Vitamins is a company that answers to God in all we do.

We are so very fortunate to be working for God, what better job could we possibly have? Our goals are clear at LifeSource:

• To be diligent to God

• To help you and your family live longer, healthier lives through pure, balanced and quality nutritional products.

We donate all of our proceeds from all sales at LifeSource Vitamins to Christian organizations worldwide such as: Campus Crusade for Christ, The Jesus Film Project & World Vision. We also contribute to local Food Relief programs, Seminary School Scholarships and we donate our Children’s Multi Vitamins to many third world countries.I am Bruce Brightman, the founder of LifeSource Nutrition. I am a Christian, and the youngest of seven children with countless family members. My entire family takes LifeSource Nutrition products, including my 82 year old mother Katie. So trust me when I tell you, if my own family takes these products, they are the absolute best products available. We do not cut corners, period. My family counts on me to produce pure and potent products that produce results. LifeSource products are manufactured solely in the USA. They are absolutely safe for my family and for yours!


LifeSource Vitamins began when I lost my father, Al Brightman to pancreatic cancer. It was one of the hardest things that my family has ever had to endure. But out of this loss came hope, because it was that pain that motivated me to start LifeSource Vitamins. I wanted to find ways to help people become healthier, so others wouldn’t have to suffer the loss of losing a loved one too early.That was 16 years ago. Today, I am humbled by the fact that—With God’s guiding hand—a tiny company (that started out with one product) is now a thriving business that funds sound Christian organizations—to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world.

To better understand why I am who I am with regards to sports, nutrition, God and athletes performing at their best, you must understand where I come from. I was raised around sports my whole life. My Dad always said: God, Family & Country, in that order. My Father, AL Brightman was a blessed sportsman. He played professional basketball for the Boston Celtics where he was the first player to score 20 points in a game for them. He was team mates with Chuck Connors, “The Rifleman” as some of you may remember him. He also had a professional baseball contract for the Cleveland Indians. After his playing days he then turned to coaching: The Seattle University Men’s Basketball program was first, where he made it to the Sweet 16 in the NCAA tourney. The Seattle Chieftains also were the first college team to beat the Harlem Globetrotters, back when they actually played and not pretend like today. He recruited the great Elgin Baylor to play for Seattle University and my Father was the youngest NCAA coach ever to win 100 games. He is in the Seattle U Hall of Fame as well as in the Long Beach Century Club Hall of fame, where he played his high school ball at Wilson high in Long Beach California. He scored 70 points in one high school game back when entire teams only scored 30 point on average. He was second in scoring in the nation for the NCAA. He also coached in the inaugural season of the ABA for the Anaheim Amigo’s. He was also a consultant to the Adidas Shoe Company. My older brother Ed also played baseball at Seattle University. He was a natural.

My other brothers (Ray & Mark) played all sports through high school and were standouts as well. I played all three sports all the way through high school and played collegiate basketball in Florida. So as you can see, I have always been around fine tuned athletes all of my life. Today’s athletes are separated by only one thing: nutrition. Those that take quality nutritional supplements reach their full potential, the ones that don’t always seem to fall short and get hurt more. We have helped numerous athletes worldwide reach their full potential through their nutritional intake. It has been stated by the FDA and The AMA (American Medical Association) that the way we look and feel is due to 80% of what you put into your body with food and supplements, while only 20% is exercise / working out. Our Professional, Olympic and World Class athletes worldwide are seeing just what their bodies can do with the right fuel (nutritional supplements), so should your family! Trust your family’s health to LifeSource!

Please take a look at our catalog, if you have any questions do not hesitate to call us: 800-567-8122 toll free or look us up on the web at There we have page after page of product information, testimonials, treatment suggestions for hundreds of conditions and much more.

God has given us a precious gift in the human body; let us honor Him by nurturing that gift to the best of our ability and living a healthy lifestyle. Thank you in advance for your support, and may God bless you and your loved ones always!

Bruce Brightman, Founder
LifeSource Vitamins

A Company Powered By GOD!

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